Automation for CSPs

Cloud business reporting

Beat the competition by making rapid decisions based on our analytical report of your data.

Powerful & Interactive business reporting

The robust business reporting module has industry leading interactive capabilities that provide deep insight into your organization. By combining real-time, historical, and ad hoc reports the business reporting module maps out your best plan of action.


Flexible reporting engine gives you insight into sales, marketing, and service.


Customizable dashboards to turn data into action.

Data At Your Fingertips

It’s critical to enable all the members of your business easily access real-time information and transform it into richly formatted reports. The platform helps you respond to rapidly changing market conditions, optimize core processes and maximize productivity and cost-efficiency with an easy-to-use reporting tool.

  • Quickly display table data into fully customizable Slice-and-Dice reports.
  • We provide different levels of detail for flexible data analysis.
  • Hierarchical Data Display – Raw and summarized data in a single report.
  • We give both auto-generated and manually specified totals.
  • Sort data and display top rows – Easily access the most Important information.
  • Export data to Excel for full flexibility of manipulation and formatting.
  • Control access to individual reports by assigning usage rights
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Cloud business reporting dashboards

Easily customize dashboards in the platform to depict the way you work and include the data you need. Access historical information alongside current data and probable trends to help you be nimble and move quickly from insight to action. business reporting

Dashboards for All

Schedule and distribute your dashboards to clients or team members. business reporting

Flexible Layout

The drag and drop layout makes it easy to customize. business reporting

Analyze Information

The dashboard makes it easy to analyze information at a glance. business reporting

Share the Wealth

Improve collaboration and business management by sharing access to your dashboards.