Automation for CSPs

The business platform

A complete, fully-automated cloud solution for businesses

The Business Management Platform

  • Streamline Your Business

    End-to-end integration of core business functions allows you to manage your clients, invoices, billing and ticketing in one easy-to-use cloud business platform with a 360° view of your business and accounts.

  • Grow Your Business

    Expand customer reach with a customizable and intuitive marketplace of cloud services open for business 24/7, using our cloud business platform. Give your customers and partners the ultimate self-service experience

  • Empower Clients – Reach to Partners

    Automated provisioning allows you, your partners, and your clients the ability to spin up cloud services quickly and easily with automated delivery and on-demand ordering. Save time by reducing Tier 1 support with self-service.

Your Cloud Business Platform


Sell all your products and services via a fully brandable marketplace for cloud services.

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Take advantage of the robust recurring billing machine of the business platform.

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Activate cloud services on the spot with the platform provisioning.

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The complete CRM to support your business and your sales cycle

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The business platform eliminates the need for a separate ticketing system.

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Make informed decisions; overview the metrics of your business with the ultimate business reporting feature of the platform.

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“We are saving over $5,000 a month by automating our processes and freeing up resources. Most importantly, the Amazon-like marketplace has increased our sales and trial conversions by 50% by empowering clients to get started on their schedule - 24 hours a-day.”
COO, Swizznet (USA)

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