Automation for CSPs

Playbook overview

Our cloud management platform will transform your business. To really help you leverage the platform, we provide you with the tools and strategies you need to grow your business and start offering cloud services to your clients.

Step 1
Build your own marketplace
Step 2
Announce your site
Step 3
Deliver your services
Step 4
Automate your billing
Step 5
Stay in touch with clients
Step 6
Stay on top of your business
Step 7
Provide end-user control management platform us,cloud marketplace, cloud billing, cloud platform, ,
Step 1

Build Your Own Marketplace

  • We help you create your custom branded online marketplace with our super easy branding editor.
  • Set your prices for your cloud service offerings.
  • Add your own products and services.
  • Customize your notification and email templates with your branding and messaging to fit your business.
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We Want to Be Your Partner

We are committed to providing you all the tools you need to successfully grow your business and start offering cloud solutions to your clients from your own custom branded marketplace – 24 hours a day. We give you all the tools and training to help you get off and running successfully on our cloud management platform. We help you not only optimize and manage your business, but also give you the ability to start selling and easily managing cloud solutions today.

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