Automation for CSPs

Cloud Ticketing System

Ticketing and case management made easy.

Bringing You and Your Clients Closer Together

With the platform there is no need for a separate cloud ticketing system. We provide the best in-class support for your clients through our integrated cloud ticketing system to help you build strong business relationships.

  • Fully Brandable The support ticketing system is customized according to the look and feel of your corporate identity.
  • User Friendly Clients can easily submit questions, issues and monitor open tickets through our cloud ticketing system.
  • Ticket Monitoring Clients are easily informed on the status and progress of their tickets.
  • Flexibility With our integrated cloud ticketing system you have the power to choose the service each ticket concerns.
  • Email IntegrationYour clients can submit their tickets through email or self-service portal.
  • Bill For Support The flexible cloud ticketing system allows you to bill for support plans.
  • Track Every Interaction Every ticket and case is linked back to each clients’ account so you can see every interaction.
  • Full Case Management Your support specialists can easily follow up and update the cases and tickets.
  • Fully Integrated Seamless support management is guaranteed as the cloud ticketing system is fully integrated with the marketplace, billing, and business management features.

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