Automation for CSPs

The IT CRM : Sales, Marketing, Account Management & Collaboration

Streamline your business with the platform CRM. Easily monitor all communication with leads, contacts, and clients

Employ a Complete IT CRM Solution to Manage Your Cloud Business.

Our robust CRM helps support your sales cycle from product development, pricing, and marketing to order management and reporting. The CRM provides a single point-of-access and a user-friendly environment for tracking customers’ communications, upcoming tasks, events, and ticketing. IT CRM icon-clients2


Get a 360º view of your customers and business activities, setup meetings, assign tasks, and keep track of your communications history. IT CRM icon-marketing2


Manage your leads and optimize campaigns with real-time monitoring and key performance indicators. IT CRM icon-revenue2


Easily follow the sales cycle from proposal- to-order and delivery.

The CRM provides exceptional tools for easy management of your partner and client network.


Account Management

Stop letting leads fall through the cracks – use the easy task and event scheduling tools to keep in touch with your contacts.

  • Single Pane Account View
    Have all the information you need regarding your customers and partners in a single pane view
  • All the Information, All the Activities
    Track issues, business activities, contacts and billing information from anywhere
  • Relations Management
    Communicate via email and stay up to date with client history
  • Communicate, Collaborate
    Set tasks, meetings, events with your customers and partners, all immediately related to each account and accessible through your dashboard

Market Your Success

Built from the ground up for MSP’s, ISV’s and Microsoft CSP’s : the platform IT CRM will give you the power and flexibility to grow and manage your client base.

  • Easily Qualify Leads & Prospects
    You can make a profile based on your prospect’s qualitative and quantitative characteristics
  • Instant Marketing Campaigns
    Create tailored email campaigns based on your qualitative and quantitative data in minutes.
  • Real-Time Metrics 
    Track campaign responses and monitor key performance indicators.
  • Promote Your Services
    Create customized promotions for specific services and promotions that will appeal to everyone.

Sell Smarter

Accelerate productivity and close more deals. Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, from anywhere, with our powerful built-in marketing tools.

  • Qualify Your Prospects.
    Create and manage opportunities and follow all changes along the way.
  • Your Branded Path to Sales Success.
    Have your sales team easily prepare quotes, customize printouts to your company colors, and automate the sales cycle towards increased revenue.
  • Full Order Tracking.
    Track every order from proposal to completion and every change along the way.
  • Profit Analysis.
    View your profit analysis for each order at a glance or in-depth.
  • Track Your Success.
    Keep track of your sales, KPIs, and conversion rates.